AHRENSBURG, GERMANY — A flour sack from Vivek Agro Foods was selected as the 2020 Flour Sack of the Year.

Each year, Mühlenchemie recognizes a flour sack whose artwork highlights the significance of this important food staple. The sack is then exhibited at the FlourWorld Museum, which was founded in 2008.

The artwork of the Vivek Agro Foods sack is an abstract expression of delight in high-quality flour and the baked goods made from it, Mühlenchemie said.

Biren Palani, managing director of Stern Ingredients India, presented the 2020 Flour Sack Award to Prashant Jain, managing director of Vivek Agro Foods. The award was presented at the Digital Millers’ Conference.

Vivek Agro Foods, a mill in the Apex Mills Group, is one of the leading suppliers of wheat products in India. The company processes grain for consumers into various products, especially atta, maida, sooji, wheat germ and wheat bran. Vivek Agro Foods operates three processing lines with a total capacity exceeding 700 tonnes per day. 

Mühlenchemie said the 2020 flour sack of the year differs from previous award winners by virtue of its abstract color design, whose energy and colors express the joy that flour as a staple food gives. It stands for life, health and prosperity. At the same time, the artwork symbolizes growth and positive thinking, and thus also the passion millers have for their products. The design reflects the happiness that baked goods bring to consumers, whether through to the enjoyment of eating, or through the life- and heath-giving properties of flour.

"Flour sacks are more than just packaging. Vivek Agro Foods demonstrates this particularly impactfully. The artwork communicates a passionate brand message that expresses everything flour stands for,” said jury chairman Volkmar Wywiol. “We wish to recognize this creativity, and so we chose Vivek Agro Foods as the winner of the 2020 Flour Sack Award.”

Like the winners of previous years, the Vivek Agro Foods flour sack will receive a place of honor in the Hall of Fame of Mühlenchemie’s FlourWorld Musuem. This museum in Wittenburg houses the world’s largest collection of flour sacks, with over 3,700 sacks from over 140 countries. The images on the sacks speak of the tradition, the history and the myths around this staple food. The exhibition expresses appreciation for all the millers who daily supply people with flour and informs visitors of its history and importance.