AHRENSBURG, GERMANY — Grands Moulins de Antilles received the Flour Sack of the Year 2018 award from Mühlenchemie during Caribbean Millers’ Association’s annual meeting.

The winning flour sack design features a portrait of a young Creole woman from the Antilles. The motif stands for cultural diversity and the vitality of Creole cuisine.

“The portrait of the Creole woman on our flour sack shows that Guadeloupe is both mondaine and aware of its historical diversity,” said Xavier Moussac, director general of the mill. “The young lady’s jewelry indicates her French-style ‘savour-vivre’, as a Creole she stands for an independent culture that has developed over the centuries in our country.” 

Marc Duncker, regional sales manager for Mühlenchemie, right, presented Arnaud de Moussac from Grands Moulins des Antilles with the flour sack award for 2018.

As is the case with many other agricultural products, the island state relies on imported wheat, which is then processed industrially into top quality flours and fortified with micronutrients. This flour is an essential part of the Guadeloupe diet.

The jury was full of praise for the delicately drawn picture on the 2018 Flour Sack of the Year. It is the first time that a portrait has taken the award that the FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg presents once a year.

 The museum, located near Hamburg, Germany, houses more than 3,600 flour sacks from over 140 countries and is thus the biggest such collection in the world. The founder, Volkmar Wywiol, is pleased with the latest poster child for his museum.

“Diversity and community, femininity and strength, quality and joie de vivre — these inter-connections are beautifully portrayed on this flour sack,” he said. “This artistic treatment of Guadeloupe society is one that deserves to be honored.”