PADOVA, ITALY — Omas Industries has signed an agreement to build a mill in Neamt, Romania, which is expected to be operational in 2021.

The 150-tpd mill will be able to modify operations according to cereal quality to produce different types of final product automatically.

Omas said it will provide a tailor-made solution that allows for a wide product range. The project includes restoration of an existing building that will be modernized and made operational again.

The customer requested that the plant be able to produce six kinds of groats and three types of flour, each having different grain sizes and features. Omas said it can achieve this through its Flexy Mill, which uses direct drive technology.

The direct drive technology allows Omas to change the fundamental grinding parameters on the roller mills during the milling process. This includes the gap (distance between rolls), rolls working position and cutting speed and the differential between the grinding rolls.

“We are honored by this agreement and it’s a pleasure that our customer has understood the potential of our technology, unique in the world,” said Pietro Barbalarga, Omas’ commercial director. “We consider this Flexy Mill the first of a series of mills in Central Europe that, looking to the future, will choose direct drive (DD) machines to eliminate transmission belts and the problems they cause.”