PADOVA, ITALY — Omas will supply its Flexy Mill technology to the Soufflet Group for a mill on the outskirt of Paris in Corbeil, France.

The new mill, with daily production capacity of 900 tonnes and flour storage of more than 10,000 tonnes, will be built next to the historic mill that is still in operation. The Flexy Mill technology will make the new mill flexible to produce any type of flour.

The mill will be able to produce specialty flours, according to customer needs, by replicating the recipes using the Omas Drive System.

The Direct Drive technology will be applied to all the machines: roller mills, plansifters, vibrating finisher and bran finisher, which will be without transmission belts. The flour can be homogenized and mixed with various ingredients before the delivery.

The plant will be commissioned by the end of 2020.

Omas said its European presence has become increasingly more impressive, thanks to the technology and the progress that the company makes every day.

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