KONYA, TURKEY — Milleral has reached an agreement with BUA, Nigeria’s leading foods and manufacturing conglomerate, to build its newest flour milling plants in Nigeria.

The total milling capacity will be 2,400 tpd, bringing BUA’s total installed flour milling capacity to 4,000 tpd by the project’s completion in 2021.

Milleral has been manufacturing and installing machinery and turnkey plants for milling grains like wheat, corn, rye and oat to produce flour and semolina for 30 years. As one of the daughter companies of Ittifak Holding, Milleral offers products, plants and services in all parts of the world, from the Middle East to South East Asia, from South America to Africa.

BUA Foods is the agribusiness and foods processing division of BUA Group with diverse investments in the agricultural value chain in sugar, rice, edible oils, flour milling and pasta.

The new plant will position BUA as one of the leading players in flour milling in West Africa.

“Milleral intends to bring its experience installing machinery and turnkey plants across the world to bear in building an efficient, advanced and world class facility for BUA,” Mustafa Ozdemir, chairman of Milleral, said during the signing ceremony.

Abdul Samad Rabiu, executive chairman, BUA Group, said the company is excited about this partnership with Milleral.

“This (project) will further deepen our involvement in the foods processing sector as well as help enhance food security in Nigeria and the West African region,” he said.