SOUTH CANTERBURY, NEW ZEALAND — Farmers Mill, a cooperative that produces grains in New Zealand, chose Omas to build its flour mill in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

The mill processes 300 tonnes of soft or hard wheat a day to make flour for biscuits, cakes and all other baked goods. Omas designed the building to supply the mill, put the plant into operation and assisted during the post-installation phase. 

The mill was completed in August 2014 and the entire project took about 14 months.

Omas created a patented husking system that eliminates bacteria and mold from the raw materials for Farmer Mills.

The larger-sized mill rolls (300 mm) and water-based cooling circuit allow the mill to maintain low temperatures during the milling process, in order to preserve all of the rheological properties of the ultrafine flours for the demanding Japanese market.

High-efficiency motors, pressure monitoring during pneumatic conveying, and finally, the Leonardo roller mill that recovers energy, keep power consumption down to minimum levels. The fully automated mill only needs one operator to start and manage production.

Due to the high seismic risk, the building is designed to be safe and resistant in the event of an earthquake. 

“Production of excellent-quality flour, unbeatable performance at every level, energy savings, hygiene and speed: these were the client’s requests, which we satisfied in full,” Pietro Barbalarga, sales director at Omas, said.

“This is why we continue to optimize the quality of our equipment, constantly seeking new developments so that we can continue to improve on the excellent products that are already at the top of the market.”