ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Alapala provided a turnkey flour mill for the National Flour Mill Co. at the Berbera Port region in Somaliland.

The mill started trial production this April, and the company is preparing to distribute flour all over the country.

Alapala supplied the equipment and installation, including the 300 tpd capacity flour mill and four 7,500-tonne capacity steel storage silos. The steel structure for the mill building also was supplied by Alapala Construction, which specializes in the design, supply and construction of industrial buildings worldwide.

The mill has an annual wheat processing capacity of 110,000 tonnes, using hard and semi-hard wheat to produce high-quality bakery flour for mainly domestic consumption.

The mill has an advanced automation system, combined with Scada software that overall provides an excellent ability for process control and traceability. The system allows centralized monitoring of the entire process from wheat intake to flour packaging, offering remote connection possibility for real-time error diagnosis and intervention.

The Scada software is combined with a sophisticated yield monitoring system, which collects weighing data from six different places in the process and analyzes the data to generate detailed production reports.

The installation of pneumatic and mechanic transport equipment is fully made in conformity with EU standards, and individual precautions were taken to ensure safe and hygienic product transfer in the mill.

Alapala is active in the Africa market with local branches, country offices, and a wide representative network as well as numerous flour, semolina, and maize mill references throughout the region.