ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Alapala delivered 24 turnkey projects in 16 countries as well as numerous machinery exports to different parts of the world in 2021.

There are more than 40 turnkey projects in the company’s project portfolio for 2022 in 27 countries with a total value of $120 million, said Görkem Alapala, chief executive officer of Alapala Group.

With the completion of these projects, Alapala will reach more than 900 total projects across the globe.

Some of turnkey project highlights from last year were completed in Angola, Bangladesh, UAE, Ecuador, and India, whereas some of important projects in this year’s scope are in Brazil, Panama, Belgium, Kosovo, Qatar, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Last year, Alapala acquired 70% of the shares of Italian Axor Srl, which operates in the pasta technologies industry and builds turnkey pasta plants worldwide. With this strategic investment, the group both achieved an important growth, and took a significant step toward the goal of building integrated plants in the food industry.