MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — The IGP Institute (IGP) and Kansas State University will offer a grain purchasing seminar April 3-14, 2017 at the IGP Institute Conference Center in Manhattan, Kansas, U.S., with an optional field trip opportunity.

IGP's Grain Purchasing course will benefit individuals who are responsible for buying U.S. food and feed grains. The course focuses on the mechanics of purchasing raw materials and features detailed discussions of cash and futures markets, financing, contract negotiation and ocean transportation.

The IGP-KSU Grain Purchasing course is divided into two continuous (back-to-back) one week sessions. 

The first week will investigate how grain is traded and transported. This will include:

  • USDA grading standards and how they are implemented
  • How to read a USDA report
  • Examination of world S&D for grains
  • How to establish a proper contract
  • International grain trade rules (NAEGA, GAFTA-FOSFA) 
  • International contracts and arbitration systems and issues

The second week of the course will delve into the realm of commodity price risk management. The class will include:

  • The workings of commodity exchanges
  • Futures trading
  • Hedging and price risk management
  • Discussions on forward contracting
  • Options and OTC contracts and how they are applied to a risk management strategy 

This course is useful to individuals in private companies who are new to international marketing and to those with a moderate understanding of such. An increased understanding of the U.S. grain marketing system will enhance the participants' ability to buy U.S. grain with greater confidence and effectiveness.

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