PARANAGUÁ, BRAZIL — The Port of Paranaguá soybean exports increased to 708,900 tonnes in August, up 43% compared to 494,900 tonnes over the same period last year, the port administration said on Sept. 28.

In recent years a series of investments were made to support the increased demand on product movement by the Brazilian state of Paraná’s ports. The implementation of the cargo online system has increased load capacity of bulk export by 33%.

R$511 million ($126,238,181) was invested in the maintenance, expansion and modernization of  Paraná’s ports over the last four years.

On Sept. 17, the Paraná port administration announced the expansion and modernization of berth 201 that will increase the capacity of grain exports for Paranaguá. The investment of R$183 million ($47,547,782) will be made to extend it 100 meters.

This is the first public work of expansion of the pier for berthing at the Port of Paranaguá in the last 30 years and will be conducted entirely with the ports own resources. The expansion will triple the operating capacity of the berth from 2 million tonnes per year to 6 million tonnes.