PORT OF PARANAGUA, BRAZIL — The Port of Paranaguá exported the most corn and soybeans of any Brazilian port through July, according to data from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade. 

In total, Brazil exported through July, 51.6 million tonnes of grain. The Port of Paranaguá exported 11.5 million tonnes of the total, according to data from the Ministry. Compared to the same period of 2013, the participation of Paranagua in Brazil's grain exports rose by 9.5%. 

Through July, Paranaguá exported 3.2 million tonnes of soybean meal. The Port of Santos, who ranks second, exported just over 2 million tonnes of product. 
The same was observed with corn. Although exports of the product are still well below the totals in the same period of 2013, through July of this year the Port of Paranaguá exported 1.4 million tonnes of product. Santos exported 1.3 million tonnes. 
In soybean exports, Paranagua still ranks as the second largest export port of Brazil. Exports totaled 6.7 million tonnes in the period, representing an increase of 36.7% compared with 2013. 
The increase in grain exports is directly linked to logistical improvements implemented in the port. The readjustment of the Cargo Online system, which sorts incoming trucks, ended queues and allowed access to the port.