PARANAGUA, BRAZIL — The export of soybeans through the port of Paranagua in Brazil in April reached a record 1.476 million tonnes, a 2% increase from the previous record of 1.447 million tonnes in March 2014.

Shipments increased 6%  compared to last April. The increase is a result of productivity increases in grain operations in Paranagua, including the inauguration of two new shiploaders. Two additional shiploaders are being assembled in the export corridor and will be operational in August. The new shiploaders have increased operating speed to 2,000 tonnes per hour.

The port has invested R$59 million ($19.5 million) in the acquisition of equipment. The investment was part of R$511 million invested in the Port of Paranaguá from 2011-14.

In 2012 and 2013, the highest monthly totals were 1.1 million tonnes, 300,000 tonnes less than the record reached in April.

In the first four months of the year, the port has already shipped 2.8 million tonnes of grain and exported 871,000 tonnes of corn and 1.5 million tonnes of meal.