PARANÁ, BRAZIL — The Port of Paranaguá implemented a new operating system that will make loading and unloading grain faster. The first ship was loaded with soy on March 28 and it took 33 hours to load 63,307 tonnes. The average loading time is 48 hours and the new system reduces load time by 15 hours and increases the operating profit by 31.25%

The new system was tested at the InterAlli terminal and was inaugurated by the administration of Paranaguá and Antonina (APPA). The new operating system aims to meet the demand for dry bulk loading and unloading at the Port of Paranaguá.

"We want to increasingly reduce the wait time for loading and unloading and this measure is only possible because we acquired new shiploaders that are able to operate with two simultaneous belts supplying load capacity of 2 tonnes per hour,” said Luiz Henrique Divine, chief executive officer of APPA.

Divine explained that the new operation system is only possible for terminals that have the structure updated to operate with twice the capacity.

The four new ship loaders that are operating in the export corridor can move grains 33% faster than the old ones, increasing the loading speed of 1.5 tonnes per hour to 2 tonnes per hour.  About 59 million real ($16,202,356) was invested to implement the new system.