DALLAS, TEXAS, U.S. —  Maxi-Lift announced on Oct. 30 that its management team has approved a new mission statement for the company.

Maxi-Lift’s ongoing mission is to, “Create Innovative Plastic Solutions with Empowered People.”

Maxi-Lift said it affirms its 40-year commitment to solving customer problems by offering plastic alternatives to wood, paper, wire and metal.

“By working closely with our customers, we help them work more efficiently, more reliably, and with greater throughput than ever before, by using innovative plastic products like our elevator buckets, supplement tubs, flooring systems and pallets. These plastic products give our customers longer life and better long-term value,” said Paul Phillips, president of Maxi-Lift, Inc. “In addition, our new solutions are only possible by empowering our people to make critical decisions about how to invent, engineer, manufacturer and supply our parts to the customers. Our culture is built around hiring the right people, training them properly and empowering them to add value at every step in the process.

“Very simply, we truly lead according to our customer’s direction, because we aim to make the lives of our customers better and worry free.”

Maxi-Lift, Inc. manufactures elevator buckets and related conveying components for agricultural and industrial applications. With more than 300,000 square feet of production, manufacturing and warehouse space, Maxi-Lift is one of the largest elevator bucket manufacturers in North America.