Maxi Lift_HDSTX Buckets_Phoot cred Maxi Lift
DALLAS, TEXAS, U.S. – Maxi-Lift Inc. has added to its Tiger-CC and HD-STAX bucket lines with a new 7-inch projection Tiger CC bucket and 4x3 HD-STAX bucket.

The new 7-inch projection Tiger bucket will add depth to one of Maxi-Lift’s best product lines and provide more options to equipment manufacturers and users, the company said.

The Tiger-CC now has 21 available sizes ranging from 10x7 to 28x10 in polyethylene, nylon and urethane. All Tiger-Tuff buckets, whether the traditional design or the CC style, are made for high volume/throughput applications. River and rail terminals, export houses, crushing operations and feed facilities will all benefit.

Maxi-Lift said the Tiger-CC provides longer life, less breakage and more capacity with its strength, toughness and sheer durability.

HD-STAX utilizes a tapered design that allows for the deep stacking of buckets for the purpose of reducing storage space and improving shipping economies. The new 4x3 option is unique for two reasons.

“It has a thicker and wider, three-sided wear lip, which will make this bucket second only to the Tiger Tuff in durability.  Secondly, it is a nesting or ‘stackable bucket’. This allows us to pack up to three times more buckets per box, skid, or container,” said Byron Smith, vice-president of international sales.

The three-sided wear lip with thicker corners provides a longer life when used in digging applications.  It is suited for all grain and feed applications and is exclusively offered in white polyethylene. The HD STAX is now available in sizes ranging from a 4x3 bucket to an 18x8.