DALLAS, TEXAS, U.S. — At the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Expo on Feb. 22, Maxi-Lift Inc. launched the company's fifth new bucket design, the HD-STAX, designed to improve wear life, performance and shipping economy while reducing down-time and storage space.

"HD-STAX is the next evolution for Maxi-Lift, a bucket design built for durability and performance that is competitive to ship around the globe," said Byron Smith, vice-president of International Sales at Maxi-Lift.  "The HD-STAX has it all; the tough design and increased capacity of our HD-Max, plus a longer life wear lip. It is stackable which reduces storage space as well as freight costs.”

The new HD-STAX features broad corners coupled with a wider and thicker front lip. It utilizes a tapered design that allows for the deep stacking of the buckets for the purpose of reducing storage space and improving shipping economies.

"Our International partners will see tremendous cost savings and benefit from the new bucket.  We can fit so many more into much less container space saving them thousands of dollars on ocean shipping charges," said Bo Fisher, vice-president of Sales/North America.
HD-STAX is currently available in all six standard 6" inch projection sizes, with other sizes coming soon.