MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — Kansas State University’s International Grain Program’s (IGP) semi-annual Grain Elevator Managers course is planned Jan. 5-9, 2015.

The course is ideal for those who supervise or aspire to supervise grain elevator managers.

“The purpose of this course is to supply grain-management information that is not available elsewhere to help grain managers properly understand how to avoid errors and become more efficient,” said Carl Reed, IGP Institute grain storage specialist. “Much of that information was developed through scientific investigation, and we invite guest speakers to teach the non-science subjects such as personnel management, grain-handling equipment and grain drying.”

The course will cover topics including personnel management, grain quality assessment, handling equipment, drying, operation costs, inventory management, receiving and shipping, condition monitoring, aeration principles, aeration strategies and fumigation.

A participant from the January 2014 Grain Elevator Managers course, Brad Pruitt, said he learned a lot of information about grain aeration. Pruitt is a grain superintendent with Farmway Co-op.

“Most of the time courses for this industry are just refreshers, but this course provided me with a lot of good information that I will take back and really use,” Pruitt said. Other participants enjoyed visiting with other students from different parts of the country and touring the flour mill.

“The greatest benefit is appreciation of the importance of system and documentation in grain management,” Reed said. “I hope they learn this from the formal presentations and from the interaction with grain managers from other companies with other cultures.”

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