MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — Grain elevator managers or those involved in grain storage are encouraged to attend the semi-annual Grain Elevator Managers course scheduled for Jan. 6-10, 2014. The course will be at the International Grains Program (IGP) at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.

“The purpose of this course is to supply grain-management information that is not available elsewhere and cannot be learned by on-the-job experiences, information that helps grain managers correctly interpret their experiences so they can avoid errors and become more efficient,” said Carl Reed, course coordinator and IGP grain storage specialist emeritus.

Included in the course will be presentations from Carl Reed and other professionals such as Wes Peterson, Custom Dryer Service LLC, classroom discussions and workshops. 

Topics to be covered include grain quality characteristics and grading, psychometrics relating to aeration, operating costs, equipment and fumigation. Reed says this course will be especially good for new managers.

A participant from the May Grain Elevator Managers course found that information helpful as he began his new position as a grain elevator manager. Barton Banks, general counsel for Dakota Mill and Grain located in Rapid City, South Dakota, U.S., said learning about becoming more efficient will help him in developing and implementing grain handling strategies.

“This course was great for effectively evaluating true costs and providing practical application of the course from actual information,” Banks said. “We bring facts and figures from our own mills and figure our actual costs instead of using theoretical numbers.”

Several explained that being able to reiterate what they knew, but doing it using the new technologies was helpful. Reed is also a believer in using these opportunities as a way for participants to network with each other.

“The greatest benefit is an appreciation of the importance of system and documentation in grain management. I hope they learn this from the formal presentations and from the interaction with grain managers from other companies with other cultures,” Reed said.

This is just one example of the trainings offered through IGP. In addition to feed manufacturing and grain management, IGP offers courses in the areas of flour milling and grain processing, and grain marketing and risk management. To register go to and select the January Grain Elevator Managers Training. For more information visit the IGP website at