BARNAUL, RUSSIA — Grain processor PAVA said on Aug. 19 that it launched a production line under the new AchinkA trademark. PAVA’s Achinsk milling plant will be the sole manufacturer of the following products under AchinkA trademark: flour of high, first, second and extra grades as well as rye flour and Podolsk flour. The raw stock to be used for production is ecologically clean grain from the fields of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

The company offers the whole range of AchnkA flour in 50 kg and 25 kg packages.

"The high degree of competition on the flour milling market has prompted us to develop a product range under the trademark that would convey the peculiarities of local culture and remind of the high quality traditions of Achinsk manufacturers," said OJSC PAVA’s Chief Executive Officer Andrey Ananin. "The new trademark allows the new exclusive contracts to be signed, which opens business opportunities for our partners. At the same time the company is able to highlight the extension of the range of locally manufactured products".

According to the company’s technologists, AchinkA flour can be characterized by high bread baking properties and is ideally suited for the production of bread and confectionary products.