TORRIANA, ITALY — Paglierani, a world leader in weighing, bagging, palletizing and stretch wrapping lines, recently completed a new wheat flour packing line for Molino Caputo’s facility in Campobasso, Italy.

The line produces 1,200 palletized and wrapped bags per hour. The plant consists of the following sections: 
1. Sieving: Ocrim single channel square model BMG 85/8.
2. Electronic weighing: Paglierani electronic scales model NE/DC.
3. Bagging: totally automatic with bagging machines for valve bags model SIMPLE/AC. These are coupled with an a model FB 395 automatic presenter for empty bags.
4. Closing of the valve of the bag to get a sealed bag.
5. Automatic palletizer model 408.
6. Automatic stretch wrapping machine model AV 600.   
Due to the installation arrangement and high efficiency, Molino Caputo only needs one operator to monitor the equipment and replenish empty bags. One other employee is needed to operate a forklift to handle the full pallets.

The video of the line is published on YouTube.