MIKHAILOVSKY, RUSSIA — PAVA on April 4 officially re-opened one of its Mikhailovsky milling plants following the plant’s reconstruction.

Launched about a year ago, the reconstruction of production facilities has transformed the plant as well as its administrative building and electrical communications. PAVA said that reconstruction works have resulted in the increased production capacity and improved working conditions of employees.

The re-opening was attended by the President of PAVA Andrey Igoshin, PAVA’s Chief Executive Officer Andrey Ananin, Head of the Mikhailovsky District Gennady Yurov, as well as business partners and other PAVA’s directors.

During the opening event, 25 employees were awarded diplomas "for many years of conscientious work and contributions to the development of the company,” while three of them received awards from the Altay legislative assembly.

“Mikhailovsky grain processing plant has been the main enterprise in the district. Over a thousand people used to work at the facility whereas now it employs over 300 people,” Yurov said. “Investment is a clear sign that the plant has a future with offering jobs and welfare for the people. PAVA has committed to improve labor conditions and increase production standards. All of these activities combined will certainly contribute to a healthy social atmosphere at the plant.”