ALTAI KRAI, RUSSIA — PAVA recently announced that the company has formed a partnership with Altay-Batyushka to ship flour to Kazakhstan in 5kg and 10kg bags.

PAVA also said that the company signed a contract to supply flour to the Kyrgyzstan state reserve for April and May 2011 for roughly 5,000 tonnes of flour. The first shipment of flour to Kyrgyzstan was organized from the Rebrikha, Russia milling plant in March.

"We have shipped our products abroad from each of our three mills on commercial basis as well as within state-supported campaigns. Each of PAVA’s mills has its advantages in terms of logistics. Our partners are free to choose the mill that the products are to be shipped from. Our Kirgiz partner will receive the product from Rebrikha milling plant,” said Angela Kiseleva, PAVA’s chief communications officer.