CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — OPI, a global leader in grain storage management, has introduced a new logo and brand identity to reflect the company’s strategy emphasizing customer-centric development of technology solutions and customer service.

“This new brand aligns with the ongoing evolution of OPI over our 39+ year history, signifying our continued commitment to leading our global customers into a new era of productivity and innovation,” said Dave Crompton, chief executive officer. “The farm and commercial storage operations of today and tomorrow will leverage technology like never before as they change their operations to meet increasing demand, and OPI will be with them every step of the way.”

Aggregate, OPI’s agency of record, oversaw the redesign and put the company’s signature blue at its cornerstone.

“In the new identity, we paired that signature hue with an aspirational, forward-leaning customized font choice that speaks to the company’s technological superiority and innovation,” said Dan Eckart, partner, creative/strategy, Aggregate.

OPI said it will carry forth its mission statement, “To ensure every grain gets to market.” The new identity will roll out in the coming months with visibility across all OPI products, including automated fan control, fan alarms, temperature monitoring, wireless solutions, data management and more technology for grain management, conditioning and safe storage.

For more information about OPI and its products, visit or call 800.661.1055.