OMAHA, NEBRASKA, US – Scoular on Nov. 20 announced the debut of a new corporate brand identity, including a bold blue and gold logo and a redesigned website.

Scoular said customers can easily explore the website ( to discover global supply chain solutions across six key industries: grains, food ingredients, animal feed ingredients, pet food ingredients, international trade, and transportation.

 Scoular’s new brand and tag line “Let’s get growing” reflect the 128-year-old Nebraska-headquartered company’s past and continued path of growth, as well as employees’ ability to define what’s possible for their customers and themselves. 

 “Our employees possess the confidence, curiosity and creativity to anticipate and solve problems for our customers in a quickly evolving agricultural industry,” said Scoular Chief Executive Officer Paul Maass. “Our new brand identity reflects those strengths and communicates our powerful story and the many advantages of partnering with Scoular.”

The new logo reimagines the company’s former gold rosette emblem and consists of four rounded shapes inspired by the natural ingredients Scoular sources.

“It pays homage to our deep history of success, while signifying the modern and innovative direction for Scoular’s future,” Maass said.

 Maass said the company developed its refreshed brand by leveraging what differentiates Scoular from its competitors: dynamic networks built through ownership and partnership; empowered employee decision-making enabling speed and responsiveness; customized solutions for customers; and employee ownership and integrity that drive engagement and performance.

 Scoular employs more than 1,000 people who operate from more than 100 offices, grain elevators and processing facilities in North America and Asia. The company, with $4.6 billion in sales, recently announced a new global headquarters site in Omaha to accommodate its strategic growth plans and to create the foundation for an inclusive, innovative and energizing workplace.

 “We are a company of employee-owners, problem-solvers and decision-makers,” Maass said. “The possibilities for Scoular’s future are limitless.”