ISTANBUL, TURKEY — The inaugural International Association of Operative Millers’ (IAOM) Eurasia Conference and Exhibition has been rescheduled for Feb. 9-13, 2022, at the Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event initially was scheduled for September 2020 and then rescheduled to March 2021. It was postponed twice because of COVID-19.

Along with a product showcase, the event will include company presentations, discussions and networking opportunities.

Languages of the event will be Turkish, English and Russian. Participation is expected from millers from Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other Central Asian Republics and Caucasus region countries. In addition, participation is expected from the United States, Middle East and African regions. This conference and exhibition will bring together many sector stakeholders such as grain, flour, pasta, bulgur and feed producers and their suppliers and vendors such as milling machinery suppliers, laboratory equipment suppliers, traders, ingredients suppliers, packaging companies, grain storage companies, yeast companies, bakery products firms, industrial bread bakers, research institutes and colleges and universities.

Eurasian Region of IAOM consists of 32 countries with more than 2 billion people and a total of $7.1 trillion economic magnitude. At the same time, some of the world’s largest wheat producers and flour exporters are situated in this region. Russia, which is one of the top five wheat producers in the world with the production of 71.6 million tonnes of wheat, represents 10% of the world’s and 30% of Eurasian region’s wheat production. Ukraine with 25 million tonnes, Kazakhstan with 16 million tonnes and Turkey with 19 million tonnes of wheat production are also among these 32 countries.