ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND — The Swiss School of Milling St. Gallen (SMS) awarded diplomas and certificates to 24 students from 16 countries. This completed their 10-month training to become executive grain milling technologists.

The SMS is globally one of the most prestigious international training institutions within the field of grain milling technology. It offers professionals from across the world training in this area. With its strong international orientation, the SMS is an important establishment in Eastern Switzerland and a showcase institution for all of Switzerland.

The 60e course included a broad range of theoretical subjects and a strong practice orientation. In his diploma speech Michael Weber, the principal of the SMS, made the audience aware that all students received a massive increase of knowledge about milling and gained life experience during their stay in St. Gallen.

 “The target of the SMS is to build up specialist for the milling world,” he said. “We think that you received the competencies to become an important asset in the milling industry. For sure you do not know everything but every day on the job with a deep interest to learn from others we are sure you will climb up the career ladder soon.”

The aim of the Swiss School of Milling is to shape technicians with integrated thinking to enable them to combine, said Urs Dübendorfer, senior adviser at Bühler.

”Now, you are invited to transfer your ‘know-how’ to your team members and your staff who did not have the opportunity to visit the Swiss School of Milling yet,” he said.

Olufunso Oguntola from Nigeria received the Dr. René Bühler Award for receiving the highest score among the students.