ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND — The Swiss School of Milling (SMS), St. Gallen, Switzerland, announced recently that 24 professionals from 15 countries received their diplomas and certificates from the school, ending their 10-month training to become executive grain milling technologists.

The SMS is one of the most prestigious international training institutions within the field of grain milling technology. It offers professionals from across the world training in this area. With its strong international orientation, the SMS is an important establishment in eastern Switzerland, SMS said.

The SMS was set up 58 years ago by Renè Bühler, owner of Bühler Uzwil. As a private school it has freedom in the choice of the school program. The school can make changes at any time so that the latest developments can be considered immediately. Since its foundation, over 1,500 students have been trained at the SMS to become grain milling technologists.

The packed curriculum included a broad range of theoretical subjects and practice orientation. In his diploma speech, Michael Weber, the principal of the SMS, made the audience aware that all students received a massive increase of knowledge about milling and gained life experience during their stay in St. Gallen.

“You would like to make a career in the milling business! But knowledge is not all you will need, it will be as well patience. We, the teachers of the Swiss School of Milling, are confident that you will make your path in the milling world,” Weber said.

Martin Schlauri, principal of the African Milling School in Nairobi and supporter of the SMS, presented the Dr. René Bühler Award to Olakunle Samuel Adefusi from Nigeria. The award is given to the best in class of each course.