ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND — Fourteen people from 14 countries received their diplomas and certificates from the Swiss School of Milling St. Gallen (SMS).

The SMS offers professionals from across the world expert training in grain milling technology. With its strong international orientation, the SMS is an important establishment in Eastern Switzerland and a showcase institution for all of Switzerland.

Equipped with air filtering systems, a stringent hygiene regime, appreciative students and teachers, the school finished six months of active teaching without any COVID-19 infections.

The combination of theory in the morning and practical lessons in the afternoon is suited for face-to-face lessons. Virtual lessons also were offered but school leaders said the virtual lessons do not have the same sustainability for students as learning onsite.  

In his diploma speech, Michael Weber, the principal of the SMS, made the audience aware that all students received a massive increase of knowledge about milling and gained life experience during their stay in St. Gallen.

”In these challenging times with COVID it was a pleasure to see, how you, our students coped with the COVID situation, to see your thoughtfulness and how you cared about each other,” Weber said. “Indeed, an outstanding performance of all students here. You proved that even in hard times you know how to perform.”