Buhler KSU advanced milling course
Jason Watt, Buhler milling instructor at the IGP Institute, shows the wheat product to participants in the Buhler-KSU Expert Milling course during a wheat conditioning exercise at the Hal Ross Flour Mill. Photos courtesy of KSU-IGP.
MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. – Bühler Inc. partnered with Kansas State University’s (KSU) IGP Institute to host six participants for Bühler-KSU expert milling course, March 5-9, at the IGP Institute Conference Center in Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.

“This course was particularly beneficial for the more experienced millers who are interested in learning more about advanced milling techniques,” said Shawn Thiele, flour milling and grain processing curriculum coordinator.

The course focused on giving participants a theoretical and practical understanding of advanced milling principles.

“When you get into a role and have certain jobs to do on a daily basis, you sort of forget about the fine points of some of the milling elements,” said Tim Hill, miller at Siemer Milling Company in West Harrison, Indiana, U.S. “It’ll be good to back and have that information in mind while helping the new millers that we have.”

Buhler KSU advanced milling course
Participants in the Buhler-KSU Expert Milling course examine the wheat in the conditioning process in the KSU Hal Ross Flour Mill.
Hill explains that this was a course that he has heard a lot about. He enjoyed being able to see the different types of millers that were in the small group and gained a better understanding of the milling overview.

The training covered topics including wheat tempering, cleaning systems, the perfect break release, purifier techniques, roller mills, sifters, mill pneumatics and more. The content was taught through class presentations and also in hands-on milling exercises at the Hal Ross Flour Mill.

“During this course, we can take someone with milling experience and fine-tune their skills to optimize their mill,” said Jason Watt, Bühler, instructor of milling at KSU.