CREMONA, ITALY — In December, production will start at Harinero Sula Mills, S.A.’s new 200-tonne-per-24-hour soft and semi-hard wheat mill in Honduras.

Ocrim signed a contract with the Harinero Sula Mills in October of 2010. Ocrim noted that it has had a working relationship with Harinero Sula Mills for more than 40 years.

Since its establishment in 1946, Harinero Sula Mills has consistently grown and is now an ISO 9000 certified company that produces flour and also provides technical support to its own customers.

Ocrim noted that the planning and construction of the mill was based on the specific requests of the customer as per the rules in force in Honduras, paying particular attention to the automation and hygiene.

Ocrim noted that the facility’s production process is managed through a series of checking and controls that enable the optimization of wheat blends. This was important to Harinero Sula Mills so it can obtain the requested types of flours from its customer during the phase of contract definition.

Great consideration was taken in respect to the hygienic aspects of the facility, Ocrim noted, that are now fundamental to operations in all the markets worldwide. Special consideration to hygene was given not only on the single supplies side but also on the building and on all the annexed structures.

Harinero Sula Mills also commissioned Ocrim to manage all the electric supply and installation starting with transforming the sub-station. Ocrim also managed the automation of the whole plant. The company carefully considered the design of the facility’s automation systems and studied all the necessary steps to guarantee higher efficiencies from the power consumption point of view.

Ocrim said the facility yields a lower ash content and has an extremely high flour extraction rate.

To complete the package of services, during the month of January 2012 two technicians from Harinero Sula Mills will attend an advanced theoretical and practical course at Ocrim’s recently renewed School of Milling Technology, “Cav. Luigi Grassi,” located inside Ocrim’s headquarters.