TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — Ceres Global Ag Corp. announced on Jan. 12 that 63 rail hopper cars from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway have arrived at the corporation’s commodity logistics hub in Northgate, Saskatchewan, Canada.

With the completion of the temporary grain transloading facility in October 2014 and the installation of the U.S. Customs trailer in late December 2014, the arrival of the rail hopper cars signals the beginning of loading and shipping operations for wheat and other agricultural commodities at Northgate.

"The arrival of the 63 BNSF rail hopper cars represents a major milestone for Ceres,” said Patrick Bracken, chief executive officer. "Northgate is now fully operational, and able to provide grain farmers with a critical north-south link into BNSF’s 32,500 mile network, while also boosting origination opportunities and potentially improving efficiencies and margins for Riverland Ag.”

Ceres anticipates sourcing wheat and grains from farms located throughout the southeastern
Saskatchewan area for loading and shipment through Northgate. The build out of Northgate is expected to progress further, as Ceres is currently constructing a permanent, high-speed elevator, with 2.2 million bushel storage capacity that will be capable of loading a 120-carshuttle train. This elevator is expected to be operational in October 2015 and completed in March 2016.