VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON, U.S. — The Port of Vancouver USA reported  another record-breaking year with 2015 becoming the best year for revenue and tonnage in the port’s 104-year history.

Overall exports moving through the Port of Vancouver were up 3.8% in 2015. Grain – wheat, corn and soybeans – continues to be the port’s largest export by volume. Grain overall increased by 6.4% to 4.56 million tonnes in 2015. While wheat exports saw a slight decrease due to fluctuations in currency and the global economy, corn exports increased by 19.5% and soybean exports grew by 58.6%.

United Grain Corp. moves the majority of grain at the Port of Vancouver. For years the company has partnered with the port to invest in facilities that take advantage of increased rail capacity from the port’s West Vancouver Freight Access project.

The port reported a record $38.2 million in operating revenue in 2015, up from the previous record of $37.5 million in 2014. Tonnage – total import and export cargo – was at 6.95 million tonnes, a 5.5% increase from 2014.

As expected, operating expenses also grew in 2015 to accommodate new staff and investments in infrastructure and facilities such as Centennial Industrial Park and Terminal 1, the port’s waterfront project.

“Our docks are busy, our industrial facilities are full and we’re making great strides on critical projects like Centennial Industrial Park and the waterfront redevelopment,” said Todd Coleman, port chief executive officer. “We’ve added some great folks to our world-class staff to make sure we’re growing thoughtfully and planning for the future.”