NOVOROSSIYSK, RUSSIA — Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) group reported on Sept. 18 that grain volumes have been growing for two months in a row since the new harvest came to export. Grain transshipment in August was up 289,000 tonnes or 51% from July to a total of 856,000 tonnes.

NCSP said its consolidated cargo turnover for the first eight months of 2015  comprised 92.6 million tonnes, up 2.6% or 2.3 million tonnes year over year.

For the year thus far, transshipment of liquid cargo comprised 72 million tonnes, bulk cargo 7 million tonnes, general cargo 9 million tonnes and container cargo 3 million tonnes. Transshipment of grain comprised 3 million tonnes.

Volumes of liquid cargo increased 1.2% year on year. Bulk and general cargo increased 6% and 16.5% year over year, respectively. Container traffic reduced 8.2% year-over-year in tonnes.

“In the eight months of 2015, NCSP Group’s cargo turnover grew 2.6% year over year, in line with the total growth of cargo traffic at Russian seaports. It achieved operating results exceeding original plans by 11%,” said Sultan Batov, chief executive officer of PJSC NCSP. “Since the start of the new harvest export, transshipment of grain has been growing for two months in a row.”

Transshipment of UAN fertilizer and seed oil in January-August 2015 totaled 455,000 tonnes and 154,000 tonnes, respectively.

Volumes of bulk cargo in the reporting period increased by 434,000 tonnes or 6% year over year and reached 7 million tonnes.