VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Strong overseas demand for Canadian grain products contributed to record mid-year volumes of bulk grain at the Port of Vancouver, according to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority said bulk grain volumes in the six months ended June 30, 2021, totaled 16.5 million tonnes, up 20% from the first half of 2020 and up 35% from the first half of 2019.

Wheat volumes were up 23% year-over-year, while barley volumes were up 151% and animal feed was up 30%, according to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

“Record grain volumes through the Port of Vancouver once again over the first half of the year demonstrate the continued growth in the global demand for Canadian agricultural products,” said Robin Silvester, president and chief executive officer at the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. “Over many years, we have worked with partners to support the growth of the agricultural sector, and over the last decade there has been a very significant amount of investment in the port and the surrounding gateway by grain terminals, governments, railways, port customers, and the port authority, with much of that investment directly benefitting the grain sector.”

To accommodate the growing grain volumes moving thru the port, two container terminal projects are being considered, including the Centerm Expansion Project and the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project.

“Construction of the Centerm Expansion Project is well underway and once complete it will meet the anticipated short-term demands of importers and exporters,” the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority said. “Even with this increase, the port is forecast to run out of capacity by the mid to late 2020s. If approved, the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project will provide a 50% increase to the port’s container capacity and will serve Canadian importers and exporters for generations to come.”