In 25 years, VICTAM Asia has grown from a hotel car park in Bangkok, Thailand, to a sold out event attracting more than 6,000 industry executives from throughout South and Southeast Asia.

VICTAM Asia, which brings together three related trade shows for the animal feed and grain processing industries, will mark its 25th anniversary at this year’s event scheduled March 29-31 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Bangkok.

The three shows – FIAAP Asia 2016, VICTAM Asia 2016, and GRAPAS Asia 2016 – attract senior industry executives. The 2014 show sold out and the biennial event is expected to sell out again this year.

FIAAP focuses on the ingredients, additives and formulation of feeds for animals, aquafeed and dry petfood for the expanding Asia/Pacific markets. VICTAM covers the equipment, technology and ancillary systems required for production animal feed, aquafeed, dry petfood and biomass pellet production.

GRAPAS deals with rice and flour milling systems, grain processing, storage, preservation and distribution, industrial noodle and pasta production, manufacture of breakfast cereals and extruded snacks.

Returning this year is the ASEAN Feed Summit. During the 2014 event, Victam International BV arranged for the presidents and secretary generals from all the ASEAN feed milling associations to attend the first summit. As a result of that meeting, the Federation of ASEAN Feed Milling Association was formed.

During the second summit, feed executives will discuss and help determine future policies and objectives, while looking at the trading and financial implications of the impending ASEAN Free Trade Zone.

In addition, there are a number of supporting conferences including: Petfood Forum Asia 2016, Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2016, Biomass Pelleting Asia and GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance. A series of technical seminars will be organized by the exhibitors with a wide range of subjects.

Aquafeed horizons

The 9th Aquafeed Horizons, on March 29, brings the commercial industry together to learn about latest advances in processing technology and techniques and new ingredients and nutritional findings.

Organized by, leading international experts are hand-picked and the program designed to focus on practical application.

“We understand the industry and are in constant dialogue with feed manufacturers, ingredient and equipment suppliers, farmers and all other stakeholders in this specialized sector,” said Suzi Dominy,’s publisher. “We listen and design the conference accordingly.”

Some 140 delegates from all over the world attended Aquafeed Horizons Asia in 2014, and the organizers hope for a higher turnout this year. The Aquafeed Innovation Award will be given to a company, selected by an independent panel of judges, which has provided a new ingredient, equipment or service that creates significant benefit to the manufacture of aquafeed in terms of innovation, efficiency, profitability, safety or sustainability.

The 2015 award was won by Tovalia Intelscan Sarl. Previous winners include Norvdan A/S, Dr. Eckle, Geelen Counterflow and Wenger Manufacturing.

The program, which will be given in English and simultaneously interpreted into Thai, includes the following presentations:

  • “Interactions of extrusion and ingredients for aquatic feeds,” Joseph P. Kearns, Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.
  • “Extrusion technology,” Urs Wuest, Bühler AG.
  • “Pre-processing of feedstuffs to improve their feeding value for aquaculture feeds,” Dr. Dominique P. Bureau, University of Guelph.
  • “GART as a platform to investigate disease control strategies against ahpnd/ems in shrimp,” Dr. Margriet Drouillon, Aqua UGent.
  • “Advances in amino acid nutrition of shrimp,” Dr. Alexandros Samartzis, Evonik (SEA).
  • “Experimental evidence for the role of feed additives in aquaculture,” Clément Soulet, PANCOSMA SA.
  • “Effect of an algae-clay based biocatalyst on the digestive and growth performance of juvenile shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei),” Marie Gallissot, Olmix.
  • “Feed for the future: the challenges and opportunities for a better and sustainable aquaculture industry,” Dr. M A Kabir Chowdhury, Jefo Nutrition Inc.
  • “Functional feeds – bad bug busters to reduce the impact from disease in farmed fish and shrimp,” Dr. Peter Coutteau, Nutriad International NV.

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    Grapas Conference

    The GRAPAS event has a three-pronged approach this year: an exhibition, a conference and innovation awards. The exhibition has one of the widest displays of milling equipment for food production in the Asian region.

    The one-day Global Milling Conference on March 29 will reflect the conference topics and sessions offered in Cologne, Germany during the FIAAP/VICTAM/GRAPS exhibition in June 2015. It will focus on rice, flour and other food milling topics plus storage and transportation.

    For the first time, there will be a registration fee to help offset the cost of bringing a range of specialist speakers to the event.

    Conference presentations, separated into flour milling, rice milling and milling innovation sessions, include:

  • Keynote, “World rice reform.”
  • “New analysis methods for rice and flour milling.”
  • “Encouraging the adoption of sustainable and energy efficient rice processing.”
  • “Storing rice to protect its quality.”
  • “Expert experience and fuzzy control for high-efficient feed pelleting.”
  • “Efficient milling. Premium end products.”
  • “The KAHL Group - Innovative grain and legumes processing technology.”
  • “Extrusion technology for processing cereals.”
  • “The new frontier of organic rice and rice products for healthy life.”
  • “Plant solutions from grain to noodles and pasta.”
  • “Milling’s impact on the production of seafood.”
  • “Benefits of rice fortification.”
  • “Product development from rice.”
  • “Rice overview - Supply and demand.”

    The exhibition will be supported with an award ceremony that will identify the most innovative milling developments on show.

    Petfood Forum Asia

    Petfood Forum Asia, on March 30, will cover the latest research on companion animal nutrition, pet food ingredients, safety, processing and more. The one-day networking and educational conference will include presentations by leading industry experts.

    Attendees include professionals working in nutrition, ingredient and processing technologies, packaging, food science, R&D, product development, food safety, QA/QC, purchasing, import/export and regulatory compliance.

    Presentations include:

  • “Why pet food manufacturers should develop a food safety culture,” Frank Yiannis, Walmart Inc.
  • “Pet food dynamics: update on the global and Asian markets,” Mariko Takemura, Euromonitor International.
  • “What’s bugs got to do with it? Understanding the relevance of changes in GI microbes for pet health,” Emma Bermingham, AgResearch Ltd.
  • “Fish-based ingredients for pet food manufacturing,” Andrew Mallison, IFFO Ltd.
  • “Drivers of liking of dry dog food appearance: Thai consumers,” Kadri Koppel, Kansas State University.
  • “From birth to bowl: the life of a tasty and safe pet food,” Isabelle Guiller, Diana Pet Food.
  • “Automating critical tasks in pet food production,” Galen Rokey, Wenger Manufacturing.
  • “Optimum vitamin nutrition for dogs and cats,” Jeff Alix, DSM Nutritional Products.

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    FIAAP Conference

    The FIAAP conference, on March 29, will include presentations on the latest research in feed ingredients, processing, formulation and additives. Attendees will have the chance to network with an international line-up of expert speakers, fellow feed industry professionals and peers across the poultry, dairy and swine industries. Updates will be given on the European feed market along with strategies for better managing feed formulation and production.

    The conference is geared toward the interests of nutritionists, veterinarians, feed formulators, CEOs, feed mills directors, integrators, co-operatives and hatcheries. Presentations include:

  • “World Feed Panorama: A look at the drivers behind the biggest gains, losses in 2015 global feed production,” Jackie Roembke, WATT Global Media.
  • “Overcoming the registration hurdles for accessing Asia,” Thaddao A. Sookcharoen, Cargill Siam Ltd.
  • “Antibiotic reductions in livestock production and effective alternatives,” Dominic Chavette, Invivo NSA.
  • “Reducing antibiotics usage through oxidative stress and inflammation management in post-weaning piglets,” Laurent Roger, CCPA Group.
  • “Insoluble fiber’s influence on poultry nutrition, welfare,” Manfried Pietsch, JRS Business Unit Animal Nutrition.
  • “Modeling broiler performances based on dietary energy and digestible lysine,” Jon de los Mozos, Trouw Nutrition R&D.
  • “Polyherbals: An antibiotics alternative in the poultry industry,” Dr. Srijit Tripathi, Ayurvet Limited.
  • “Use of green tea and probiotics for antibiotic-free broiler production,” Dr. Md. Elias Hossain, Bangladesh Agricultural University.
  • “Piglet feed formulation without antibiotic growth promoters (AGP),” Lars Sangill Andersen, Hamlet Protein A/S.
  • “Why to consider the use of plasma in piglet feed?,” Dr. Lourens Heres, Sonac.
  • “Effects of phytogenic feed additives in a protein-reduced diet in growing/finishing pigs,” Dr. Choi Siyeong, BIOMIN Singapore Pte Ltd.

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VICTAM Asia 2016 will be held March 29-31 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Photos courtesy of BITEC.