UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS — For its 2022 event, VICTAM International is moving back to The Netherlands, where it all started 57 years ago, and will be co-located with VIV Europe. The one-stop show for the animal feed, grain and flour milling industries, is May 31-June 2 at the Jaarbeurs exhibition grounds in Utrecht, Netherlands. 

The partnership was first announced in 2019 and was to start with the VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. Due to the pandemic, that event was postponed until September 2022.

VICTAM International is one of the world’s largest dedicated events for the animal feed processing industries. Co-located with VICTAM International is GRAPAS Europe, which is focused on the grain, flour and rice processing industries. VIV Europe, which is organized every four years, brings together the global feed to food industry for the production and processing of poultry meat, eggs, pork, beef, fish and dairy.

VICTAM International and VIV Europe also will include a series of high-quality industry conferences and networking opportunities with colleagues and clients.

Combining the two shows brings extra value to all participants in the feed production equipment, feed milling, feed handling and storage, compound feed, feed ingredients and feed additives sectors, organizers said. The Feed to Food concept of VIV Europe along with the strong network of VICTAM in feed technology and animal processing will deliver a complete platform to visitors and exhibitors, they said. 

“We are enthusiastic about the synergy and good cooperation that VICTAM and VIV have established,” said Heiko M. Stutzinger, director of VIV worldwide, and managing director of VNU Asia Pacific. “This partnership continues with a different program in Europe, which will bring to the animal husbandry industry an even wider and richer platform in 2022. We look at the co-location of VIV Europe and VICTAM International as an important achievement after nearly four decades of independent growth and development of the respective events in Europe and in the world. Today, the strong network of VICTAM in feed technology and animal feed processing, together with the Feed to Food concept that VIV Europe is famous for, are ready to deliver a very complete and professional platform to exhibitors and visitors.” 

VICTAM International 

VICTAM International 2022 includes three main profiles, with each show complimented by a number of conferences on various current topics in the covered industries. In processing technology, the event includes processing and manufacture for the animal feed industry as well as ancillary equipment and systems that are used in feed, rice and flour mills. Ingredient and additives for the formulation of feed also are covered during the event.

GRAPAS also will display ancillary equipment found within a mill, but its main coverage is for specialist systems and technology used within rice and flour mills together with additional equipment for grain storage, preservation and transportation. The show also profiles noodle, breakfast cereals and extruded snack production. 

The 6th Annual Aqua Feed Extrusion Conference, with the theme “Towards Sustainable Aquafeed 2022,” is on June 1. The aim of the event is to explore solutions and opportunities for sustainable aquaculture. 

Topics to be covered include the effect of protein, starch and fat on extrusion; raw material grinding for quality feed; extruded shrimp feed production; and clean feed, clean water for aquaculture.

The second edition of the International Feed Technology Congress (IFTC) is May 31-June 1. Themes for the congress include new technologies; effects of processing on nutrients, nutrient digestibility and feeding value; and technology for pre-mixtures, additives and bio-active substances. 

Volker Heinz, chief executive officer of the German Institute of Food Technology, will discuss new technologies to bridge the food-feed axis. Often chemical, physical or biological interventions are needed to convert raw materials into value-added products for the purpose to improve nutritional aspects, safety or storage stability. This presentation will review a number of hovel technologies that emerged in recent years in the food processing sector but still are uncommon in feed production. The focus will be on physical treatments like high pressure, pulsed electric fields, shock waves, extrusion and ohmic heating. Sustainability aspects also will be addressed.

Ruurd Zijlstra, professor of swine and carbohydrate nutrition at the University of Alberta, Canada, will discuss ingredient fractionation and how unique fractions can be targeted to specific market segments within or outside the feed industry. The process can generate added value to locally produced crops and create opportunities for the production of unique fractions for feed applications. 

Mia Eeckhout, professor of feed technology at Ghent University, Belgium, will examine the importance of feed additives and premixes to supplement important nutrients and their role in optimizing the bioavailability and digestibility of feed materials. Feed additives and premixes are important more than ever and challenged by the growing animal-based food consumption.

Other events included with VICTAM are:

The European Feed Manufacturers Federation (FEFAC) will have its annual conference on June 2 and its directors’ meeting the previous day.

GMP+, the international institution for technical certification for the feed producing companies, will host a morning seminar and workshop about Feed Safety and Sustainability on June 1.

Nevedi, the Dutch Animal Feed Industry Association, and the Grain Trade Committee will host its annual network event in parallel to GRAPAS, and Nevedi also will have its annual meeting at the event.

The Molenaar, a Dutch trade magazine, will discuss in a June 1 roundtable with important machine suppliers and government officials the future of the animal feed industry, including topics such as sustainability, raw materials, COVID and internationalization.

More information is available at victaminternational.com. 

VIV Europe 

VIV Europe will be one of the first animal husbandry events to take place in-person in Europe following the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is expected to have 600 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors. More than 100 conference and technical seminar sessions from high-level speakers are on the agenda, covering a range of topics. 

This year’s overall focus is on the synergy between local food production and global supply chains. A special section will be dedicated to this theme in Hall 9 at the event, with the purpose of accelerating the discussion on the required global expertise to boost local practices in a sustainable way. 

The 2022 European LIVE Feed Congress will be co-located with VIV on May 30. It will examine how science-based measures and new technologies used throughout the feed supply chain reduce and improve animal agriculture’s environmental footprint.

More information for VIV Europe is available at viveurope.nl.