KIEV, UKRAINE — Nibulon continues to develop its own cargo fleet as part of a project to revive Ukrainian rivers as transport routes inland in Ukraine. Currently Nibulon is constructing three non-self-propelled vessels announced on Sept. 8.

The shipbuilders are outfitting the NBL-025 barge and are mounting hatch covers, testing the anchor and mooring equipment. Nibulon plans to have the vessel completed by the end of September. 
The specialists have formed the aft half-hull and are forming the second non-self-propelled vessel NBL-026 project. Currently the shipbuilders are mounting deck equipment, installing electric and fitter’s items and testing compartments for tightness. The shipbuilders are finishing production of the subsections. They have started to produce units for hatch covers. The vessel’s name was placed on its outer plating.

Nibulon plans to launch both vessels at the end of September. The production of the third vessel began at the beginning of September.

All three vessels are intended to transport general and bulk cargoes located in two holds.

Nibulon continues its plan to build 12 non-self-propelled vessels in hopes of reviving navigation along the Southern Bug River. The depth in the Southern Bug 20 years ago was about 3 meters, but today its average depth is 1.65 meters and 1 meter in some areas.

Nibulon intends to use these vessels to access inland waterways to export more cargo.
The vessel or barges have two types of cargo holds. The vessels will be accompanied by a pusher tug and are designed to transport 3,750 tonnes of cargo.