MYKOLAIV, UKRAINE — On July 31, Nibulon launched its first non-self-propelled vessel (NBL-91 project) at its shipbuilding and repair yard. The ship is designed for operating in shallow rivers.

The assembly of the non-self-propelled vessel further promotes Nibulon’s intent to develop new logistics system in Ukraine. In July Nibulon consulted with the U.S. Embassy Economic department on how to effectively utilize the Dnipro River as a transport artery like the U.S. uses the Mississippi River.

Nibulon plans to build 12 non-self-propelled vessels in hopes of reviving navigation along the Southern Bug River. The depth in the Southern Bug 20 years ago was about 3 meters but today its average depth is 1.65 meters and 1 meter in some areas.

Nibulon intends to use these vessels to access inland waterways to export more cargo.
The vessel or barges have two types of cargo holds. The vessels will be accompanied by a pusher tug and are designed to transport 3,750 tonnes of cargo.