Photo courtesy of Nibulon
Nibulon conducted about 400 cargo trips via inland waterway shipping in Ukraine.
Photo courtesy of Nibulon.
KIEV, UKRAINE — Nibulon continues to increase volumes of cargo transported by river in Ukraine.  Nibulon’s fleet currently includes 55 vessels, which transported and shipped more than 2 million tons of grain and oilseeds in 2016. It conducted about 400 cargo trips via the Dnipro River and the Southern Buh River. 

This year Nibulon began utilizing its new automated transshipment terminal in the Voznesensk district.  Dredging of the Southern Buh River resulted in 134 kilometers of navigable waterway. 

Overall, the shipping company performed 170 cargo trips along the Southern Buh River during the 2016 navigation season, having transported 300,000 tons of grain and oilseeds. As a result, the company recorded its best result of the period in volumes of transportation by river. The previous record was about 50,000 tons of grain cargo transported on the Southern Buh River.  

Upon completion of the investment program, annual cargo carriage volume along the Dnipro River and the Southern Buh River will comprise 4 million tons of grain crops. Nibulon said it will remove more than 166,000 trucks per year from the highways. 

In July 2016, Nibulon partnered with the European Investment Bank. It has allowed the company to launch its fourth vessel, a NBL-91 non-self-propelled vessel and three B2000 non-self-propelled vessels designed for operation on the main waterway of Mykolaiv region. 

The partnership also will allow for upgrades in the future such as:

?    build up to 10 high tech elevator complexes, including ones along the Dnipro River and the Southern Buh River; this will bring the company’s total grain storage volume to 2.5 million tons;

?     reconstruct Nibulon’s shipbuilding and repair yard; this will enable the company to build up to 15 vessels and  process up to 15,000 tons of metal per year;

?     increase the deadweight of its cargo fleet to 250,000 tons;

?    increase river transportation volumes along the Dnipro River and the Southern Buh River to 4 million tons, which, in turn, will enable the state to save UAH 3.16 billion of the state funds for road repair.