LUND, SWEDEN — Swedish company BoMill AB announced on March 4 that it has expanded into Canada with an agreement with Flaman Group of Companies, Grain Cleaning Division.

“With Flaman as our distributor in Canada we will have a strong partner,” said Karin Wehlin, chief executive officer, BoMill AB. “Flamans long presence in the grain cleaning market and know-how as well as established service organization is important for our future.”

Warren Schmidt, division manager, said BoMill has a unique position on the market with its patented technology for grain quality sorting.

“We are excited to bring this out to our customers,” Schmidt said. “We believe that the TriQ is the solution for all the fusarium problems that we have seen the last year.”

BoMill AB offers sorting of wheat, durum wheat and malting barley using single kernel sorting technology. The company sells its equipment throughout Europe, North America and Australia, using its own sales organization or distributors.

Flaman Group of Companies is a family owned and operated Canadian business that has been operating for over half of a century. With agriculture as the originating core of the company, the company has seen expanded growth in the grain cleaning and handling industry.