LUND, SWEDEN -- BoMill AB has received an order for its grain sorting technique, TriQ, in the Canadian market. The order came from BoMill´s distributor Flaman Grain Cleaning Division of Flaman Group of Companies. The end customer is a seed cleaning company, Spectrum Grain Solutions.

The TriQ technology can be used to sort durum wheat, soft wheat, malting barley, spelt and oat on fusarium, protein, vitreousness, seed quality and falling number with a speed of 25,000 kernels per second. This makes the TriQ very profitable for businesses within seed cleaning, grain handling and milling, BoMill said.

“The market demand for single kernel sorting increases every day and the market understands the business opportunities and benefits with our solution,” said Per Söderström, marketing director. “We see Canada as a very important market and the personnel and commitment at our distributor is reflected in this order.”

“We see this as an important breakthrough into our market. The solution BoMill provides by sorting each individual kernel by looking at its chemical structure and composition shows an advantage compared to the existing solutions available on the market today,” said Mitch Flaman, operations manager. “Often we can remove dockage and disease by focusing on what we can physically see on the outside. The high vomitoxin levels caused from the recent fusarium crisis on the prairies has forced us to look deeper into what each individual kernel is actually made up of on the inside. BoMill TriQ allows us to do this.”

The Flaman Group of Companies is a family-owned and operated Canadian business that has been operating for over half of a century. It has continually expanded and diversified into new markets and products while remaining privately owned.