LUND, SWEDEN — The grain quality sorting company BoMill AB announced on Dec. 18 it signed an agreement with Pawlica SRO with operations in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Serbia.

“With Pawlica as our distributor in central Europe we will have a strong partner,” said Per Söderström, marketing director of BoMill AB. “Pawlica´s long presence in the grain business and know-how is important for our expansion in Europe.”

“Revolution in grain sorting is here. I am really happy that I will be able to offer this really new amazing sorting solution, which can sort grain on quality basis, to my customers,” said Petr Pawlica, chief executive officer. “This sorting solution will ensure that my customers always will be capable to sell in contract guaranteed quality or buy in lower quality and adjust grain quality in-house. Companies with BoMill sorting solutions will become preferable suppliers for grain buyers from Germany or other E.U. countries.”