UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Johannes Wick, a mechanical engineer with an MBA and two decades of experience in the energy and infrastructure industries, started his new position as head of Bühler’s Grain Milling business area in September. He has spent the last few months meeting customers and learning the intricate details of the milling sciences.

After 15 years as head of the Grain Milling business unit at Bühler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland and a career in flour milling, Martin Schlauri is becoming the principal of the new African Milling School (AMS). Schlauri will continue to support some of Bühler’s key milling relationships.

“This personnel shift is a major move to us to further grow our milling business,” Calvin Grieder, Bühler AG chief executive officer and chairman said. “Whereas Johannes Wick will bring with him new competencies and experiences from other industries to develop the next milling generation at Bühler, Martin Schlauri’s new position is a crucial element in educating and building up the African milling market.”

Schlauri joined Bühler in 1980 after graduating as a milling technologist. After assignments in process development and plant commissioning, he was made responsible for the flour milling business in various countries. Throughout his career, Schlauri has led the commissioning of hundreds of flour mills on six continents and been a mentor, guide and friend to many across the global flour milling industry.

“Skill is the base for a sustainable development of the milling industry in Africa as it is in other parts of the world,” Schlauri said. “With the development and lead of the African Milling School, I take the mission to transfer the know-how and professional experience to cover areas across operational milling excellence.”

AMS is located in Nairobi, Kenya, situated just 25 minutes from Nairobi's international airport. Nairobi is a central business hub for East Africa and is therefore the ideal location for the AMS. The AMS offers comprehensive and intensive training in the milling industry with a focus on theoretical and practical training. Highly skilled millers will ensure that plants are maintained at high levels, leading to plant efficiency and longevity. The target is to offer professional training for the next generation of millers and to expand on the knowledge base of experienced millers. The AMS’ aim is to ensure millers come to understand the technology and equipment used to process grain into high-value finished products.

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