Buhler Swiss School of Milling
Swiss School of Milling Graduates, back row, from left: Emmanouil Venetis, Greece; Nils Fredrik Jonas Haraldsson, Sweden; Salim Mohamed Said Al Naddabi, Oman; Muhammad Ejaz, Pakistan; Karen Keller, Brazil; Carlos Alejandro Noguera Delgado, Venezuela; and Antonio Sartori Netto, Brazil. Front row, from left, Elly Njiru Mugambi Mbogo, Kenya; Anantharasa Siyananthan, Sri Lanka; César Abel Martínez Díaz, Guatemala; Arturs Sobolevs, Latvia; Daniel Ademiniyi Akerele, Nigeria; Alba Maryeth Mujica Rodriguez, Venezuela; Tajudeen Olugbenga Sanni, Nigeria; Pietro Maritano, class representative, Italy; Argenis Velasquez Martinez, Venezuela; Priscilla Bakalian, Lebanon; Takeshi Yoshimura, Japan; and Daisuke Iguchi, Japan.

ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND — Nineteen professionals from 16 different countries received diplomas and certificates from the Swiss School of Milling St. Gallen (SMS) in February, completing their 10-month training to become executive grain milling technologists.

The SMS is globally one of the most prestigious international training institutions within the field of grain milling technology. It offers professionals from across the world expert training in this area.

This year 19 students from 14 different nations completed their intensive training in the course held in English. The packed curriculum of the 59e2 course was characterized by its broad range of theoretical subjects and its strong practice orientation. In his diploma speech, Michael Weber, the principal of the SMS, made the audience aware that all students received a massive increase of knowledge about milling and gained life experience during their stay in St. Gallen.

Buhler Swiss School of Milling
Stefan Birrer, head grain milling at Bühler AG, Uzwil, presents the Dr. René Bühler Award to this year’s best in class, Alba Mujica, from Venezuela.
In addition, the Dr. René Bühler award was given to Alba Mujica from Venezuela, the first woman to receive the award since the school was founded in 1957. The award is given to the student with the highest score.

The SMS was set up 60 years ago by Dr. René Bühler, owner of Bühler. It is state independent, which allows great freedom in the choice of the school program; changes can be made at any time so that latest developments can be considered immediately, SMS said. Since its founding, more than 1,500 students have been trained at the Swiss School of Milling to become grain milling technologists.

“Now after the storm called Swiss School of Milling is over, you all are different now,” Weber said. “You proved that you are able to deal with several challenges and you worked hard to learn as much as possible. For me it is always amazing to see so many different cultures, people with so many different originalities, stay together and work as teams focusing on reaching their targets together. I hope you keep this in mind in a world where countries believe in separation.”

Weber presented the certificates and diplomas to the freshly trained grain milling technologists with a handshake and a few personal words.

“As an alumni of this school, I know how much effort it takes to succeed at the Swiss School of Milling,” said Stefan Birrer, head of the milling department at Bühler. “I’m also aware and I hope you too, that learning is a privilege. This privilege is an invitation as well. An invitation to transfer your ‘know-how’ to your team members and your staff. Every company’s strength is the performance of its team. You have become real specialists in grain processing. I invite you to contribute your knowledge to convert grain and especially wheat in a responsible and sustainable way into food for the 8 billion people living on this planet.”