KVANUM, SWEDEN — TORNUM is supplying an 18,000-tonne river facility for Nidera in Corania, Romania. The facility will work as a drying elevator during harvest and transshipment elevator the rest of the year.

“Nidera choose TORNUM as supplier due to different evaluation criteria such as energy consumption, the IDC - Intelligent Dryer Control, environment impact, local team organization and Romanian and international market references from industrial and commercial customers,” said Nidera General Manager Gaston Figarotta.

The facility will be equipped with a TORNUM Heat Recovery Dryer HR with dust control system and the new drying control system. Drying capacity for corn is 25 tonnes per hour. The storage capacity is 18,000 tonnes divided in six storage silos and two hopper silos. There is also commercial conveying equipment with capacities of 150 and 300 tph, pre-cleaner, a 300-tph flow scale and barge loading chute.

“I would like to thank the Nidera management team, Gaston Figarotta, Mircea Gunea and Florin Stroe, for their trust and appreciation and I would like to ensure them that we will use all required resources to implement a successful project,” said Viorel Vecerdea, general manager TORNUM SRL.