KVANUM, SWEDEN — The Polish grain trader ROLA Sp. z o.o. has placed an order for a TORNUM grain cooler, TORNUM said in November.

ROLA Sp. z o.o. is fully owned by a cooperative of farmers and handle wheat, rye, barley, rapeseed and maize. The elevator is located in Cz?uchów in northern Poland.

The grain cooler TGC100 will cool the grain stored in concrete silos. The total holding capacity is 55,000 tonnes.

“We are now sure that our grain are always stored in safe conditions,” said Krzysztof Jamrowski, president of ROLA.

“A TORNUM grain cooler is controlling both temperature and relative humidity of the cooled air regardless of ambient conditions. This eliminates the need for toxic chemicals to protect the grain being damaged by insects,” said salesman Andrzej S?dkowski.

TORNUM grain coolers are fully computerized and ready for immediate use once connected to the main power supply.