KVANUM, SWEDEN — TORNUM announced on April 29 that it has received the order from Elewarr Sp.z o. o. in Poland to supply four heat recovery dryers.  

Elewarr Sp.z o.o. has 16 grain elevators across Poland and the storage capacity is approximately 650,000 tonnes.

“We are very pleased by receiving this business from Elewarr and especially that they selected our heat recovery dryer,” said Andrzej Sedkowski, sales manager at TORNUM Polska, a fully owned subsidiary of TORNUM AB in Sweden.

The selected model is HR 4-22-6 and shall be in operation for the coming season, mainly running corn. This type of TORNUM dryer is able to save as much as 30% energy compared to a conventional continuous mixed cross flow dryer, TORNUM said. The dryers will be equipped with in-line burners for LPG and natural gas.

Considering a dryer lifetime of 20 years and a capacity of 40 tonnes/hour the energy savings will be significant and consequently less fuel emissions, TORNUM said. The pay back time for the additional investment involved in a heat recovery dryer will be less than two years.