LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, U.S. — The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) announced on Feb. 26 winners of the 2012 Safety Awards. Of the 567 facilities at 50 companies who enrolled in the program, 442 facilities at 28 companies were successful in completing the year without any lost-time work-related injury or illness. 
In addition to the 2012 successful facilities, GEAPS also named winners in the categories of cumulative hours and consecutive years.
Winning Facilities: Consecutive Years
First place, with 34 consecutive years without a lost-time injury or illness, is:
• Bunge North America’s DeSoto Landing facility in Arkansas City, Arkansas, U.S.
Second place, with 30 years, is:
• Bunge North America’s Fountain Bluff facility in Grand Tower, Illinois, U.S.
Third place, with 27 years, is:
• Cargill AgHorizons’ facility in Tipton, Indiana, U.S.
Fourth place, with 26 years each, are four Bunge North America facilities in:
• Hickman, Kentucky, U.S.
• Huffman, Arkansas, U.S.
• LaGrange, Missouri, U.S.
• Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S.
Fifth place, with 24 years each, are:
• Bunge North America’s facility in Newport, Arkansas, U.S.
• The Scoular Company’s facility in Sidney, Nebraska, U.S. 
Winning Facilities: Cumulative Hours
• First place, with 1,414,381 cumulative hours without a lost-time injury or illness, is Bunge North America’s Morristown, Indiana facility.
• Second place with 1,249,987 hours, the Farmers Grain Terminal Greenville, Mississippi, U.S., facility.
• Third place, with 1,137,103 hours Cargill Grain & Oilseeds’ Houston Export Elevator, Texas, U.S. facility.
• Fourth place with 1,104,657 hours, Bunge North America’s Decatur, Alabama, U.S., facility.
• Fifth place, with 1,075,932 hours without a lost time injury or illness, Bunge North America’s Harrowby, facility in Manitoba, Canada.
2012 Safety Award Recipients:
Agrex Inc., 2 facilities
Alabama Farmers Coop, 1 facility
The Andersons Inc., 17 facilities
Arizona Grain Inc., 2 facilities
Bunge South Carolina Grain LLC, 2 facilities
Bunge North America, 76 facilities
Cargill AgHorizons, 88 facilities
Cargill Canada, 52 facilities
Cargill Grain & Oilseeds, 4 facilities
The DeLong Company, 11 facilities
Farmers Cooperative Co, 11 facilities
Farmers Grain Terminal, 9 facilities
Gavilon Grain, LLC, 41 facilities
General Mills Inc., 4 facilities
Halverson Company, 1 facility
The Kelly Group, 1 facility
Latty Grain Ltd., 1 facility
Louis Dreyfus Commodities, 1 facility
Mennel Milling Company, 1 facility
MillerCoors LLC, 4 facilities
North Central Farmers Elevator, 1 facility
Perdue AgriBusiness, 41 facilities
Riceland Foods Inc., 23 facilities
The Scoular Co, 34 facilities
Silotrans S.R.L, 1 facility
South Dakota Wheat Growers, 10 facilities
Structural Restoration Inc., 1 facility
Wear Concepts Inc., 1 facility
WindRiver Grain LLC, 1 facility