ISTANBUL, TURKEY — The 5th International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Feed Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition (IDMA) 2013 will be April 4-7 at the Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey.
The event, held every two years, attracts representatives of the cereals and legumes sectors worldwide. Thousands of professionals from 120 countries are expected to attend.
Some of the biggest brands of the world milling machines sector are planning to exhibit their latest developments at the event, organizers said. The exhibit space includes three halls totaling 21,000 square meters.
A 14-hour “Certified Milling Training Program” is planned with training on topics such as raw material supply in milling, storage of raw materials, mill technology and grinding, performance in milling, energy savings in milling, flour quality, quality control and flour additives, wheat and flour logistics in foreign trade, and flour plant investment, investment feasibility and management.
Visitors working in a flour plant (mill) or the milling technologies manufacturing industry can attend the trainings, which will be offered in Turkish and English. 
Four different seminars also are planned for rice, legumes, and bulgur and pasta groups. From product supply to trade, processing technologies to investment and production costs, many subjects will be discussed in the seminars, and expert company representatives and managers of leader non-governmental organizations in the sector will make several presentations. The seminars will be held in Turkish and English unlike the previous year.
Product groups which will be represented at the fair include turnkey flour, semolina, corn, rice and feed mills and legumes cleaning, packing, the latest technologies used in pasta and biscuit plants, grain storage silos, filling, conveying and evacuation systems, laboratory devices, additives, packing machines and materials and the latest developments in spare part and supplier industry products.