ISTANBUL, TURKEY — The International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Feed Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition (IDMA) Exhibition is preparing to bring world millers together for the fifth time from April 4-7 at the Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey. It is expected that this year’s exhibition will attract more than 10,000 professionals from 120 countries.
The biannual event is organized by Parantez Fair Organization Company in Istanbul. Zübeyde Kavraz, general manager of Parantez, said the exhibition area has been expanded for 2013 so that more brands will be represented in the exhibition and product diversity will be increased. IDMA 2013 Exhibition will be in three halls encompassing a total area of 21,000 square meters. “This will allow visitors to see more alternatives and products varieties in 2013 Exhibition, and they will have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and technologies developed by these brands,” Kavraz said. “We can say that another significant difference for visitors will be the increase in the number of foreign exhibitors. This means almost all of the leading actors of the world milling industry will take part in this exhibition. This will strengthen the international characteristic of IDMA again.”
Kavraz said also this year the domestic and foreign visitor attendance activities have been expanded. 
“We believe that especially the promotional activities aimed for foreign visitors will produce results in the fair in this year and this will satisfy the exhibitors,” she said. 
For example, the group expanded its promotion and visitor attendance activities to 120 countries. It worked with leading associations, unions, media institutions and tourism agencies in Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Balkan, South and North American and European countries. 
“Moreover, we continue to perform promotion works and invitations in five different languages by means of one-to-one interactions and by directly reaching out to the target group, namely company executives in order to increase the number of visitors,” Kavraz said. “In addition, we reorganized our website in seven languages for promotion. This way, many visitors have the opportunity to reach all information and developments about the exhibition in their own languages.” 
Flour, semolina, corn, rice and feed millers, producers and representatives of pulses cleaning and packing, pasta and biscuit technologies, grain storing silos, filing, carrying and discharging systems, laboratory equipment, additives, packing machines and materials, spare parts and sub-industry products as well as international sellers of grains and pulses will attend the fair. 
The target visitor group of IDMA 2013 consists of; the professional executives, investors and employees of global flour, semolina, rice, corn and feed millers, professional executives, investors and employees of commercial factories producing and trading pulses, pasta and biscuits, international buyers of grains and pulses, professional executives, investors and employees of food companies making production in connection with the grains and pulses sectors, presidents and members of non-governmental organizations and professional associations related to the grains and pulses sectors, academics and students from education and research institutions, senior executives and employees in official institutions dealing with matters such as food, agriculture and foreign trade, and seed producers.
Parantez is organizing a 14-hour “Certificate Milling Training Program” on April 5-6 for the representatives of the milling sector who will visit the exhibition. Registration is available under the section, Milling Training Program on the IDMA website,
Seminars are planned on subjects such as pulses, rice, cracked wheat (bulgur) and pasta. Turkish and English simultaneous translations are available in the training program and seminars.
“We believe that we will prove again in 2013 that IDMA is the most important meeting platform bringing all parties of the world grain and pulses industry together,” Kavraz said.